Pleasure leads to preferences or pre-references, which lead to always wanting to be somewhere else, never being fully here now. How does a feelingfull person find a way out of the wheel of repetition?

(experimental, nothing proven, draft versions, excuses, etc.)


Defocuss and be aware of the periphery shape for a few seconds, (dont forget to blink) and looking as far as you can in all directions - then in order to look as far as you can, do you notice how all the muscles around your eyes start opening up, and relaxing ...

This is probably the most difficult of these exercises. Focus on a point infront, but be conscious of what you see with your peripheral vision. Start at the sides (the most important for land animals) simply trying to see colours and vague shapes.

Here is a trick which will help you : practice on a bus or even better a train - fix your eyes somewhere upfront and then just be aware of the things passing by the windows on both sides.

To exercise : Focus on an uninteresting point infront of you (not anything bright), then go round, by directing the attention (NOT the focus) downwards, finding a "peripheral-focal point" on the floor, then to both sides, then upwards (ie. NOT inwards towards the "third eye", animals have no need of this, and as part of these exercises it has only a confusing effect).

To start with you will need these "peripheral-points". You can choose lots of specfic directions for these peripheral points, or simply use your peripheral vision ALL THE WAY ROUND. Being aware of all around this squashed oval periphery shape for a few seconds, (dont forget to blink) then do you notice how all the muscles around your eyes start opening up, and relaxing ...

I am far from sure of the different possibilities in this exercise - maybe simply defocussing is better than finding a focal point and then directing the consciousness around it - defocussing is also a cheap way to feel stoned, but i believe it makes me drowsy - so, please live experiementally.

and again, please dont try and relax around your eyes, i am sure the technique could be used to look young, but it wont do that, unless you forget that, and just be aware of your full vision.

*note - Actually, though it rather disprooves my own theory, with the eyes closed you can also go round all the muscles round the eyes, relaxing them, and it is maybe even more stimulating. ... (and yesterday with the eyes gazing to peripheries for the first time in darkness ... ?)

*note - the spinning exercise stimulates peripheral vision.

*note - I could swear that every section around my eyes is connected with different feelings ... at present and just roughly, my sense is that the lower peripheries are connected with worry and bereavement, the upper with happiness and peace.

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