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The Balance

Broadband sensing is an integral part of the oldest, original way of staying alive. For animals broadband sensing is a balance for all their active focussed sensing, and all their sleeping activities.

From a broadband perspective, the way we try and balance our 'doing-focussing-working time' with our 'free time' is ironical.

Animals don't balance their focussing activities with more focussing on being creative or having fun. Being creative and letting the imagination play with abstract thoughts is a wonderful human activity. And I've nothing against play or having fun. Play is an amazing balance for work. But broadbanding is evolutions natural balance for all these.

Modern day humans feel and see their body and the world around them quite differently to other warm blooded animals. Our modern trained and educated, focussed and often brilliant ability to handle abstract thinking, has completely overpowered and blocked out our broadband abilities.

We have changed at least 150 million years of warm blooded habit .. relearnt it overnight – with our brilliant new creative scientific understanding of life ... all good! ... but where is the balance?

We'd have imagined by adding abstract thought to our basic sensory abilities, we would be far more successful than animals. For a short three million years it seemed to be working out well. But suddenly we seem near to destroying our environment and ourselves.

We have lost evolution's basic balance. If we follow nature's normal laws of survival, to have any lasting success, any form of concentrated focussing, needs to be balanced with broadband sensing. Other animals have survived only because of this balance.

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