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Making Life Safe
however much this seems like common sense to me - it must be considered as a theory

Broadband sensing is evolutions safeguard. Animals are vividly aware that in both of their basic modes, dozing and focussed activity, both are not really safe unless they are balanced with broadband activity. Life was made safe by broadbanding.

Humans have houses of stone, and have eliminated anything which could eat us alive. Humans live in rooms, where smells don't change, and most things don't move or make noises (except on that curious invention the TV screen). Rooms are safe. In rooms we don't need evolutions safeguard to secure our survival. We need abstract abilities to be secure in our modern world. And we feel unsafe in the world we have created for abstract psychological reasons.

Modern humans could start enjoying all the positive side effects of broadbanding. Broadband sensing is useless for getting on in life, and doing things, but it is very effective against pointless abstract thought.

I'm suggesting, animals don't merely secure their physical survival by broadbanding. Broadbanding is an attitude to life, it's a way to be, it's a psychological state, and has psychological consequences.

By keeping one eye open and by keeping the ears open - an animal can half-way relax, and doesn't have to worry about being eaten alive while dozing. The same applies to the blackbird constantly checking for cats, he can half-way relax while eating a delicious worm ...

It must be irritating for the blackbird to keep interrupting his delicious worm, but it would be far more irritating to get eaten alive ... so rather than be vulnerable or paralysed by panic, fear, and worry, he keeps watch, he checks his environment.

I repeat: We don't need evolutions safeguard to secure our survival. We have overcome the necessity for this nervous nuisance - broadbanding - this interruption to life's relaxation and pleasure ... but with that, we have also lost the ability to neutralise our panic, fear and worry. Broadbanding is the most direct way to reassure ourselves that everything is safe, and it directly stimulates peace of mind, and lack of worry.

Humans are missing out on an easily available, non-mystical, practical way of stilling the mind and being awake and aware, finding a form of balance, and possibly also to feel safe and stop worrying. And consequently, human culture is missing out on it as well.

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