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Herd Behaviour in Human Culture

As a culture, some humans can be left passively focussing on a TV screen all day. Herds and animal groups, such as humans, have different behaviour patterns to solo animals. Pidgeons in a group are more relaxed than when alone. The reason is obvious, in a herd or any animal group, only one needs to pick up any warning sign, this is actively communicated, and the others respond without hesitation or question.

Life would be a whole lot easier if humans could trust their leaders in a similar way. At least those on look-out, the thinkers, our spiritual guides, need to have some sort of general awareness from all perspectives, and that includes a broadband perspective.

Broadbanding doesn't lead to the same mental problems or have the same creative potential that focussed sensing has. By itself it would not solve anything, we would starve or get eaten. Animals must focus and react once they perceive food or danger. The value of broadband sensing lies in balancing or alternating it with focussed sensing.

There are many things humans and human cultures need, but the first step at this point of our evolutionary development, for our survival as a species, ... after reading the site this far, ... must be to at least check out the vialidity of what i'm saying.

No modern culture can afford to ignore the possibilities this opens up for securing our survival ... individually and as a creative modern culture ... such a valuable human resource cannot be ignored.

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