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An offshoot of 'seeing' must be mentioned : Normally, with closed eyes, we see little stars or vague shapes and lines or sometimes a kaleidoscope image. This is a result of our normal habitual focussed vision. When looking in a broadband way with the eyes closed, we can see light all around, as though it shines through the forehead, temples, and cheeks. I think people often unknowingly use this as part of the relaxation in sunbathing.

We can easily imagine that animals who have their eyes on both sides of their heads, would have had this experience through millions of years of dosing. And so now, the question is : do you want to really stretch your empathy and imagination to feel how it might be for a duck or a horse to see light in and through their entire heads?

Doing the seeing exercise with closed eyes may be a similar sensation to babies in the womb who turn in the direction of light. Babies can distinguish light and shade through the mother's body. Animals often have a second eye-lid they use for detecting changes in light and shade when dozing.

A relatively new area of experiment i have is to let the eye lids hang so i can only see a thin line of light and shadows. It's as though the hairs of lower and upper lids are touching .. it's just enough to let light in and see if anything is moving. I don't know if any animals do anything similar.

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