Broadband Sensing

Appendix A to Chapter 1.
Extra Seeing Exercises

(still being developed)

It's the opposite of screwing up the eyes and staring. Maybe it's good to just physically open your eyes as wide as they will go. But then cause your eyes to open just by looking out for shapes and colours all around the peripheries.

Stretch out your arms to the sides, turn your hands inwards, and wiggle your fingers (like leaves) then slowly move them upward, then down - trace out and recognise the shape of your field of vision, the whole oval shape.

Its quite easy to select points, or areas of around 30-40° on both sides, and to be aware of both simultaneously. Then either expand the areas, find more points, or find new areas on the diagonals, until it stimulates the whole oval shape.

i believe every 15° or so at the perimeter of your field of vision, is an area which is sensitive to, responds to and stimulates our moods.

Closed Eyes
Doing the seeing exercise with closed eyes may be a similar sensation to babies in the womb who turn in the direction of light. Babies can distinguish light and shade through the mother's body. Animals who have a second eye-lid can probably distinguish much more. (Babies also respond to sound and react to familiar voices. They respond to taste, and have cravings. But i doubt if they can smell anything because they haven't started breathing.)

Looking with two eyes
A letter from Michael Heinbockel :
I found a way to fall asleep very quick. I don‘t know why but it almost always works.

I close my eyes and focus on the back of my lids. That totally stops me from thinking and having pictures in front of my inner eye.

It reminds me of your idea to look at a wall without focussing.

My Answers:
first i noticed my eyes felt warm,
then a far stronger sensation, i noticed how i'd got two eyes - rather than one vision point or field which i was looking at.

>Two eyes, yeah, same experience here.

and then the abstract thoughts started and i thought ... if it works, it's something to do with the two brain halves not being connected and coordinated by the one field or object of vision.

its connected with what im talking about because its a way of using the senses directly, rather than thinking.

I have got to sleep with this a couple of times. It quickly blanks out the thinking, like a vacuum. But I much prefer it with open eyes and being awake, and it recreates the broadband feeling.

'Looking with two eyes' may help some people get the broadband feeling.

just did a google search for
"birds eye open controls brain awake"

Obviously it's common knowledge: birds can sleep with one eye open and half of their brain awake, and they control how awake they are, by how open their eye is.
Chi Gong - Falun Dafa
There are a number of 'Gong like' exercises which i find stimulate broadband seeing. The main problem is that almost all teachers on you tube etc. do the exercises with the eyes shut. Falun Dafa exercise nos. 2 and 3 are good, but even Master Li does them with eyes closed.

The 4th exercise of the 8 Brocades is remarkable, it is called : The Wise Owl Gazes Backwards. Experiment how to look as far as you can see: with the eyes closed! almost closed like Clint Eastwood in a gun fight, or with the eyes wide open like an owl. I also find looking as far as i can gives the best neck exercise. I will write more if asked.

With glasses on, it's quite interesting to try and watch whats happening outside the rim of the glasses, but it's difficult to do, (no animal would have this experience!) - i wonder what effects it could have therapeutically to black out the glass, so that you force yourself to use only the peripheral vision?

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