Being Now - Getting the Timing Right

For the spiritual systems which focus on eternal principles or a God, or oneness, or love, even those methods which practice a method of continuous repetition, like prayer or mantra - it is not important when you do them. These eternal beings, states and methods can exist or happen any time and all the time – they are not time specific.

The experience of eternity is often connected with some awesome mind blowing sense of being now, - but it's not the simple sense of now which every animal has, and we could so easily relearn.

Also, focussing on, or doing nothing can be done anytime. It is very hard to do, because there's nothing there to actually relate to, or connect with - nothing is never actually happening ... i find it a truly beautiful and inspiring ideal .. but doing nothing can be done anytime.

To directly use the senses, we have to, to some extent, be now. But focussing is almost always a result of something we want to do or have to do. And this always involves us in a past memory and/or future intention.

If something new happens which stimulates our interest and thus our focussed attention, then this automatically stimulates our thinking and memory systems. Memories are repetitions and repetition intrinsically connects us with, and involves us in a time line. Focussing always binds us to a past and a future. When focussing, the short amount of time we are actually now, is insignificant. (The idea of focussing on the present moment is discussed here)

Animals have three modes of being: active, passive, and broadband. Sensing in a broadband way, actually stimulates being now. Non-selective or broadband sensing evolved for the purpose of being receptive to and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment. It can only be done now and it can only be done without thinking and wanting.

You can focus on and even do something and think about something else at the same time. But you can't think about anything else, if you're ready and waiting for anything which might happen suddenly or unexpectedly. Broadband sensing evolved for the purpose of being purely receptive, wide awake and aware of what is happening now.

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