The Benefits

In the long term, it the optimal cure for, and safeguard against, closed mindedness.
It benefits clear thinking, and it disrupts closed mindedness. Broadband sensing interrupts the automatic repetition and re-confirmation of all abstract thoughts. Self righteous opinions lose their power because they lose their automatic confirmation. This strikes me, as the main benefit and the real beauty of it, for modern cuture.

It's a holiday from the eternal repetitious wheels of our thinking. It's not a permanent state. The thoughts return. But it's a pause, a brief experience of near peace of mind. In a very small and not a mind-blowing way this leads to the present moment .. maybe just for a moment .. and it's nothing mystical or paradoxical .. it's just practical.

It's similar to that other wonderful idea of having a break for a cup of tea, but this is more intense and more effective. And for practical purposes it is ideal, because it can be done without any preparation. A few minutes broadband, even half a minute, every few hours, brings things in balance. It allows my thinking to run slower and smoother; brings out a new dimension of thought. Gives new perspectives on old problems.

It is a balance for anything you focus on, while writing this, while practicing music ... when feeling anger, or when feeling love.

There's nothing hokus-pokus about it. It's direct, simple, and based on the entire process of evolution. So it's reliable, you can trust it. It only works in its gentle way. It's not as powerful or as unanswered as prayer sometimes is.

Being now and neutralising the thoughts are clearly specific to, and the direct result of broadbanding, and i can rationalise it easily. Otherwise any specific effects i experience may have many other causes.

From something so fundamental to life, and due to its similarity with other meditation practices, there are sure to be other short term, and long term benefits.

i have a sense of safety, there is a first attempt at a rational for this, which by common sense must apply, but it is only theory ... (next essay).

It seems i can stimulate happiness, when being aware of the upper peripheries of my vision, - though this is with a sort of complocated second step of focussing within the broadband picture - seeing downwards seems to release grief. This is developed in appendix a. Extra Seeing Exercises.

It belongs with love and empathy as a state of being where the subject is intimately involved with the object. And for this reason, if you believe in God, then it is is a baseline experience and reality checkpoint, for any focussed belief in a great creative spirit, or oneness.

If God or oneness are not enough, or too much, then it is clearly a base line experience for any philosophy or psychology of man, then without it we are only considering a limited version of what human beings can do and be. Only considering humans in the context of focus points. Only understanding a relationship between subjects and objects; 'I' and 'God'; or self and the world; - without the broadband aspect of integration and nowness.

We're not considering the whole picture because we're only using part of our senses to feel it with.

For the effect this way of using the senses has, on understanding life... ? : - the evidence is this internet site.