Buddhist Universal Message
Extract from Buddhism and Wheels

Attachments are just one of the consequences of the repetitions.

This idea occurred to me while considering how suffering, and all the other exaggerated terms like 'clinging' and 'craving'; made Buddha's message more concrete and dramatic, but they diminished its universal application.

I believe Buddha's message was a universal one, and applied to all the little wants and problems we have, like the times we end up in the kitchen and forget what we came for ... not only and exclusively the most extreme and manifest forms of addiction (craving and clinging) and suffering.

I had been considering the phrase: the origin of Dukkha is "that craving which gives rise to fresh rebirth"(2). I realised the simple everyday sense of this is : the origin of Dukkha is 'that wanting which leads to another repetition'.

It may well be that an extreme form of wanting like craving leads to extreme forms of repetition like rebirth; but it is blatantly obvious that wanting leads to repetition, and this is a basic universal truth.

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