How to be Now

Animals have three modes of being: active, passive, and broadband. Non-selective or broadband sensing evolved for the purpose of being receptive to and aware of sudden movements and changes in the immediate environment. It can only be done now. It can only be done in the absence of mental activity. Broadband sensing devolves mental activity.

Instead of trying to stop thinking about how to stop all the abstract thoughts : go broadband and sense what's happening now - that stops them. And in a very small and not a mind-blowing way this leads to the present moment .. maybe just for a moment .. and it's nothing mystical or paradoxical .. it's just practical.

The religious experience of eternity is often connected with some awesome mind blowing sense of being now, - but it's not the simple sense of now which every animal has, and we could so easily relearn. This is not a permanent state. The thoughts return. But it's a pause, a brief experience of near peace of mind ... to come back fresh and new like after a holiday.

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