Ignore the Monkey, Tame the Hedgehog

There are some systems of meditation which i see as being associated with broadband sensing. Mediations involving 'letting go' and forms of worship which 'wait for God' ... and please keep doing them as well.

But, the problem from a broadband perspective is that in almost all of these, we close the windows and the senses, focus on the breathing, a mantra, prayer or image, and look for inner peace in the silence.

Animals don't close their eyes, or concentrate on an abstract image or prayer, as a balance to focussing. Animals balance their focussing with broadbanding. Broadbanding is part of the mix.

What i'm suggesting is not a new religious way or form of yoga or meditation. It doesn't replace any focussed activity, it balances it.

We have lost this balance in life. Let's ignore the monkey mind for a while, let's start by noticing the horse and the hedgehog.

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