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I rather like the modern scientific idea : if there is nothingness for infinite eternities, sometime a singularity will occurr (BANG), and then there's a chain reaction. This means we're all part of the same thing ... and this same thing i call the great creative spirit, it's the everything.

Because everything is in some way connected with everything else, the great energies somehow coordinate it all, and make sense of the big picture.

Even though we can ask this great energy for help anytime, - it can't take care of every individual part of the big picture, all the time.

Religions suggest that we be guided by this greater energy, and most acknowledge we can be in touch with it, even be at one with it in this life.

By all reports the intimate connection with this everything-energy feels wonderful, even ecstatic. Apparently it sometimes feels like emptiness, sometimes fullness, but always a sublime state of deep empathy with all living beings and even inanimate objects. The results of this experience are that it brings great peace, joy, love and understanding.

I believe these reports. Maybe you don't. But if there is an ultimate or eternal energy, which makes sense of everything, and connects everything, then it would be rather stupid if humans didn't focus on it.

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